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Greater Boston Drones is a professional drone based aerial inspection company.  We service clients throughout Greater Boston, Massachusetts and New England.  We use high resolution thermal imagery and our depth of in house mechanical knowledge to help our clients identify and solve problems.

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Drone based Aerial inspection is safe, efficient and cost effective.  Drones give engineers a bird’s eye view of hard to reach components without the risk normally associated with high altitude human inspections.  Working hand in hand with your technical staff, our experts gather the data you need quickly and accurately.

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Thermal cameras see thermal radiation and thermal images reveal temperature differential. High resolution thermal camera payloads provide valuable data to engineers and technicians that identify problem areas. Our certified Thermographers and FAA licensed Drone Pilots gather the imagery you need to identify problems quickly and efficiently.

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Greater Boston Drones Specializes in gathering images in hard to reach places.  We are excellent aerial photographers!  We’re proud to display some breath taking sea side photos from Boston’s South Shore.  Please feel free to use the images on this page free of charge. We ask only that you give us credit for the pictures when you use them.

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