Drone Construction Progress Monitoring

Drones provide architects, engineers and project managers an incredible tool to quickly and efficiently gather large amounts of data from a job site, in real time. The drone technology of today, coupled with a skilled pilot, provides a simple and cost-effective means to gather data and make objective fact-based decisions.

Drones and Construction

Construction progress management is greatly simplified, and job profits are improved with drone technology. High resolution images can be gathered and processed into high resolution color maps and 3D models allowing teams to look at the same high-quality information helping them to make better decisions based on factual information. With the use of RTK technology, highly accurate, cost-effective modeling and mapping is the end product. Drones provide teams with tools making precise measurement and geometric verification possible.

Site Work

Site work can be monitored from an aerial platform that allows engineers the ability to track progress in real time, while making precise measurements of locations and site features. Material movement can be measured very precisely, tracking the cubic feet of earth that has been moved to verify phase completion and milestones in a way previously not possible. With a bird’s eye view of a job site, potential issues can be identified early in the process, saving costly errors and delays.

Drone Aerial Inspections for Architectural, Construction, Engineering and Site Work Drone Aerial Inspections for Architectural, Construction, Engineering and Site Work

Drone Deployed Thermal Cameras

Exploring Drone Usage in Thermal Roof Inspections
Drone Deployed Thermal Cameras

Thermal Drones are equipped with high resolution thermal cameras allow engineers to look into the thermal dynamics affecting building envelopes. Building pressurization testing can now be conducted in a cost-effective manner by deploying a powerful thermal sensor from an aerial platform. Thermal Drone Inspection technology makes it possible to accomplish thermal drone building façade inspection on large buildings in only hours.

Thermal imagng technology and thermal drone inspection are powerful tools that can quickly locate difficult to find roof leaks and building facade air leaks. Through the detection of stored thermal energy, thermal drone inspection brings thermal anomalies into the visible spectrum that are invisible to the naked eye. This quickly reveals the source of problems, saving costly guesswork.

Façade Inspections

Drones are a revolutionary solution for building façade inspections. Before the development of drone technology, humans had to inspect building facades by setting up scaffolding around a building, so people could physically inspect the building. This is a hazardous and expensive process. Drones allow skilled pilots to take high resolution pictures at relatively close distances from the building. These images can be analyzed from the comfort of a desktop computer without the hazards associated with manual inspection. Thermal drone building façade inspection allows building facades to be inspected for thermal anomolies such as air leaks from missing, or improperly sealed insulating panels.

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