Drone Consulting Services

Let Us Help Your Organization Start a Drone Program From The Ground Up

Drones are a powerful tool that can provide businesses with a competitive advantage.  Many organizations, both private and public see the value drones can deliver.  Drones are a powerful, but complex solution that requires a wide range of knowledge and skills to implement into an organization.  Organizations that want to implement drone programs must address, at a minimum; regulatory issues, technical considerations, training of staff, procurement of the correct equipment, developing and writing policies, procedures & safety guidelines.  Many organizations want to embrace drone technology, but lack the knowledge to start an in-house drone program.  Contact us to find our how we can help you.

Greater Boston Drones is an expert on drone technology and the use of drones across a range of applications and industries.  As a drone service provider, we have had the opportunity to research and operate a range of drones, providing drone-based solutions across a number of industries and platforms.  We have developed in house training programs for our pilots that we conduct at our offices in Rockland, MA.  We utilize the former S. Weymouth air base at Southfield, which is 5 minutes from us, for our pilot flight training.

Greater Boston Drones can help your organization get your drone program “off the ground”.  We have the knowledge and ability to address every single facet of your drone program implementation including: choosing the right equipment, chargers and transportation cases, pilot training & licensing, choosing the right software solutions for flight autonomy and image processing, drone maintenance program, flight procedures/ protocol, checklists, safety and liability issues.  We can help you with as much technical assistance, or as little technical assistance as you need.  Contact us today to discuss your program needs.

We are a DJI Authorized Dealer
we are a DJI Authorized Dealer