Mapping and 3D Models

Drones are a cost-effective solution for precision maps and 3D models of commercial real estate, land and other assets.

Greater Boston Drones is your expert source for drone mapping and modeling with drone aerial imagery.  Mapping and 3D modeling provides people with the ability to look at the same data and collaborate on projects.  We have the staff and know how to capture your images and build a digital model that can be delivered within hours.   Our experts can help you to determine the best path to completing your project.  Contact us for a Quote and we’ll your project rolling.

The benefit of using maps and models as tools to visualize and collaborate on projects has long been known.  Drones allow digital maps and models to be developed quickly and accurately.  Drone mapping and modeling delivers hi-res aerial images that provide actionable data.  Drone deployment is flexible and cost effective.  Drones easily reach areas that were previously inaccessible without cost prohibitive manned aircraft.   Drone technology makes the collection of aerial imagery a reasonable solution for virtually every aerial data collection need.   Property owners, architects, engineers, developers, investors and others can benefit from the cost-effective use of drones in capturing images.

Greater Boston Drones has a full range of drone data capture, drone mapping and 3D model processing services available to meet your needs.  Our survey quality drones utilize RTK technology, i.e. real time kinematics.   The images we capture with our RTK drones can be built into highly accurate maps and models used for construction progress management, site planning, real estate development and other applications.  Drone aerial imagery can be used to develop a digital twin of a property that can be compared to older models to see how the property is changing over time, helping to identify trends and problems before they become costly.