Solar & Thermal Inspections

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Greater Boston Drones has experienced FAA Licensed Part 107 Pilots who are also experienced UAS thermographers certified by the Infra-Red Institute.  Our thermal drone inspection imaging technology is cost effective and can be deployed quickly.

Our thermal drone inspection services include; solar field data capture inspections & analysis, thermal drone roof inspections, thermal drone building façade inspections, drone aerial pipeline inspection, UAV building thermal capture inspections for insurance companies and property owners.  Proactively inspecting commercial real estate with drone based thermal imaging can often detect problems such as overheating electrical motors, or electrical connections with drone thermal imaging before they become a fire hazard.

Commercial Real Estate owners and developers can benefit through the regular inspection of rooftop solar arrays and solar fields through the use of drone deployed thermal cameras.  Expert solar data capture, combined with a technical analysis by a software-based AI product that shows the cost/ benefit relationship of making repairs vs. not making repairs gives the property owner an ability to make informed decisions that can save many thousands of dollars in lost power generation revenues.

Property owners can use drone based thermal imaging to quickly find leaking membrane roofs.  UAV thermal technology using UAV thermal radiometric images allows the camera to literally see the underlying water in the roof by its ability to see temperature differential, or “Delta T”.  Façade inspections with UAV drone thermal cameras allow engineers to test building envelopes to see air leakage and detect where water has penetrated vapor barriers.  Drone based thermal inspections provide a wealth of information for real estate problem analysis.

Solar Fields and Rooftop Solar Arrays can quickly, and cost effectively be analyzed by utilizing state of the art software from our partners at: