Thermal Inspections

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thermal drone roof inspections

Drone thermal roof inspection can be used to quickly identify leaks in membrane roofs, wet insulation, roof penetrations and other areas of concern. Drone thermal roof inspection will also quickly reveal any overheating rooftop electrical motors, bad electrical connections and other fire hazards before they become catastrophic.
Greater Boston Drones has new cutting-edge DJI Enterprise thermal drones and radiometric imaging technology. We offer cost-effective solutions with a quick turn around and huge benefits. Our drones are very efficient at capturing thermal images, allowing the temperature differential of the underlying water in the roof, or other building feature, to be easily identified. Our services are secure, safety minded, and regulation compliant. We have data capture, image processing and delivery options that will allow you to analyze the results of your data capture quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

We can provide a live streaming option for your thermal inspection so you can “come along for the flight” from the comfort of your desktop, with live streaming to multiple locations via the Web. Our DJI Enterprise Drones have the capability to directly load images to the cloud in real time, as they are taken, giving clients the powerful ability to participate from anywhere in the world and review individual images as they are taken.

Our process provides both thermal imaging and RGB, visible light range imagery that allows high resolution RGB imagery to be compared directly to the thermal images. This provides an efficient and effective means to quickly diagnose building water infiltration issues and find wet insulation. Our building inspection options allow engineers to test a variety of features including the building envelope for air and water leakage.

With the wealth of information provided by drone-based thermal inspections, real estate problems can be easily identified and analyzed, saving property owners significant amounts of money.  With proactive drone-based thermal imaging inspections, commercial real estate owners can quickly detect issues such as overheating electrical motors and electrical connections, which could result in potentially catastrophic fires.

For commercial real estate owners and developers, our thermal drones are indispensable tools for regular inspections of rooftop solar arrays and solar fields. By utilizing expert solar data capture combined with technical analysis by software-based AI products for our partners at RaptorMaps, property owners can gain insight into the cost-benefit relationship of repairs vs. no repairs. This allows them to make informed decisions in the long run that can potentially save thousands of dollars in lost power generation revenues.

Our menu of thermal drone inspection services is extensive and includes solar field data capture inspections & analysis, thermal drone roof inspections, thermal drone service for building envelope & Building facade inspections and UAV building thermal capture inspections for insurance companies and property owners.

The wealth of actionable data we gather through drone-based thermal inspections makes Greater Boston Drones the go-to solution for drone based thermal real estate analysis solutions. Our team of FAA Licensed Part 107 Pilots and UAS thermographers certified by the Infra-Red Institute ensure that we deploy cutting-edge technology and skills that are both cost-effective and efficient, resulting in problems being solved and customers who are satisfied.

At Greater Boston Drones, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge technology and services that enable our clients to save money, while preventing problems from escalating.  Contact us today to learn more