Drone construction progress monitoring is a cost-effective method to monitor the equipment, materials, safety compliance and work progress on a construction site. Drones have given the construction industry a powerful and affordable way to gather high resolution drone construction site aerial photography. Drone aerial construction site photography can be processed and analyzed by specialized software programs. The data allows construction professionals to make important decisions with factual and timely information right from the job site. Images and digital products developed from high resolution drone images saves time and money by letting engineers, architects, construction supervisors and project managers to use highly accurate 3D and 2D Maps to make very accurate measurements of site and building details with from the comfort and safety of a desktop computer.

Mistakes, delays and accidents are very costly on construction sites. Drone photography offers better situational awareness makes construction sites safer by seeing potential hazards before an accident happens. Equipment movement, material inventory, staff positioning, and operational efficiency become measurable metrics with drone aerial photography and construction drone photography. Drones save time and money, giving construction supervisors unmatched situational awareness on the construction site and accurate drone construction progress monitoring that is unmatched in accuracy and cost effectiveness.

For site work, drone construction progress monitoring is completely revolutionized by drone photography. Drone aerial photography for site work gives customers the ability to use 3D images to measure the cubic footage of material that is moved in a given time frame, to see if the project is running on time and the ability to quantify results on an ongoing basis. Potential issues are identified early in the process, saving on costly errors and delays through proactive intervention.

In addition to the benefits realized by drone construction progress monitoring, drones provide an amazing solution for drone building façade inspections and thermal drone building façade inspection (Thermal Drone Building Facade Inspection – This text is in in thermal page and in the construction page, you will find this text in the thermal section of the construction page, please delete this note b4 posting). We already know drone services for construction saves time and money, but drone building façade inspections are a necessity in today’s world. Before the construction drone service revolution, it was necessary for most building façade inspections to be done by people who physically had to use scaffolding to inspect building facades, which can be a dangerous and very expensive activity. With building façade drone inspections, inspection costs are only a fraction of the costs of a physical inspection by humans in a dangerous environment. Now it is possible to use drones for architects and drones for engineers, allowing drone building facade inspections where the data is reviewed from the comfort of a desktop computer.

Thermal drone Inspection (Thermal Drone Inspection – This text is in in thermal page and in the construction page, please delete this note b4 posting) is a powerful diagnostic tool that makes it possible to do building pressurization tests, roof leakage analysis and other test procedures on large structures, fast and efficiently. Drone services for construction saves time and money by deploying high resolution thermal cameras to virtually any place needed to detect thermal anomalies and see where air leakage/ insulation is a problem. Roof leaks can be quickly located by finding the underlying leaks through the identification of where hidden water is collecting and leaking. Thermal Drones for construction offer a wide range of uses for thermal drone inspection including; drone thermal electrical connections, drone thermal building leakage and pressurization tests and drone thermal roof leakage inspections. Thermal drone construction progress monitoring can be helpful in diagnosing water leakage problems and punch list items. Thermal drones are often used by insurance companies to verify the integrity and safety of commercial property before and after insuring a property to prevent loss and identify and potential hazards before they become a problem.

Greater Boston Drones Drone construction progress monitoring services saves time and money and can start saving your company in a big way. Hire a drone construction services provider with national deployment and licensed part 107 pilots with the know how and software tools to quickly collect drone aerial photography from your construction site and process the images into valuable and actionable data is the key to success.